The Objectives

  • We will spend all profits by Purchasing tickets.
  • All funds raised will be used to purchase tickets for home games
  • We will donate all tickets to children's groups and charities

Payment and Delivery

  • Cash Payments Accepted Contact us!
  • We aim to deliver the scarves BEFORE every home or away game
  • We deliver worldwide via Royal Mail

Buy Itunes Tracks

All profits from track and album sales from Itunes will go to help save Rangers.

Missing Order

Read before contacting us

We are sorry to hear your order could be lost or missing, before you contact us to report your order as lost please can you complete the following checks

  • Contact your postman
  • 95% of our packages will not fit via your letterbox, so check with your postman to see if he has dropped it off at a neighbor or sent to back to your delivery depot.

  • Please wait up-to 3 days after went have shipped your delivery before reporting it lost
  • We will regularly post updates every two days of shipping dates, we now aim to post all scarfs within 2 days on placing your order.

  • If possible dont raise a case with PayPal
  • When you raise a case with PayPal you are freezing up funds that we will use to buy tickets for games and purchase more scarfs to meet the demand. Please contact us first before doing this.

Possible outcomes

  • Full Refund
  • If your not happy that your order has gone missing we can refund you, but this means that you will be removing around £4.52 for the Rangers Fund.

  • New Scarf Sent free of charge
  • We are happy to send you a new scarf free of charge, but you will only be donating around £2 to the club, and possibly less if you ordered more than one scarf

  • You pay cost price of scarf
  • If your order has gone missing we are happy to send out a new scarf on the day you report it missing. If your willing to pay cost price for a new scarf which is around £2.56 + £2 Recorded Delivery fee. We will pay extra to have your scarf delivered recorded delivery.

Missing Order Form

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.